Farm Focus: Eggplant

Farm Focus: Eggplant

Our special varieties: from left to right.
Orient Charm – a slender and sweet variety reaching up to 8″ long.
Barbarella – round and groovy, with a creamy middle, perfect for stuffing
Fairytale – the smallest and sweetest of our varieties, growing 2″ long, it’s delicious roasted whole and has very few seeds.

Our eggplants are not bitter and do not need much to bring out all their wonderful delicate flavors. Cultivated in Asia as the “aubergine”, the eggplant has been enjoyed for centuries. It is related to the tomato and the potato in the nightshade family, and is technically a fruit. Bursting with a variety of important vitamins and minerals, eggplants contain a significant amount of folate. Folate is a B vitamin that helps the body produce red blood cells and can prevent anemia. This makes the eggplant a great meat substitute.

Our varieties of eggplant taste best simply prepared, a grind of salt, a little olive oil and you will taste exactly why the eggplant has been popular for centuries.

You might like to try these recipes which take advantage of the unique and delicate flavors these specialty eggplants.

Caramelized Fairy Tale Eggplant

Roasted Eggplant

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