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About our beef – and how to buy some!

Our certified, organically-raised and pastured 100% grass- fed beef is here! Our cattle are raised on mother’s milk and pasture grasses only. No antibiotics, no hormones, no steroids, no grain. Just plenty of fresh air and sunshine. No fertilizers, no pesticides, no herbicides...are ever used on our lush pasture grasses. This means that every time you experience the tender and tasty meat, you know exactly what you’re eating — 100% grass-fed heritage beef from Longhorn cattle. We raise Longhorn cows and — although their horns may seem intimidating — their beautiful coloring and gentle nature make them a joy to be around. Longhorns have ...

The Myth of Grass Fed Beef

Have you recently purchased an item just because it had "grass fed" printed on the label? Because of the advent of slick advertising and the abundance of food-related buzzwords, it can be difficult to navigate all the food options available to us and to make the best choices. So-called "grass-fed beef" is one such example of clever marketing surpassing food quality. Though the USDA recently (in January 2016) dropped the grass-fed label standard, its use even until that point was hit-or-miss, at best. A label that reads "grass-fed" doesn't necessarily tell the whole story. While all cattle need their mother's milk and grass for their first 6-12 ...

Grass-fed Beef Cooking Tips and Tricks

Adapted from the American Grassfed Association