Champagne Slushie

  • June 12, 2017

Champagne Slushie

Champagne Slushie Recipe

1 pint container of organic strawberries – save a couple for garnish.

1 bottle organic Prosecco – we use Tiamo in this recipe, and we also sell it at the farm because it’s a delicious sparkling wine – and it’s organic!

2 tablespoons honey – we use Walker Farms wildflower honey.

Blend the strawberries and honey and slowly add 1/2 bottle of Prosecco. Keep the other 1/2 in refrigerator. Save the strawberry- mixture into a couple of ziplock bags and freeze.

To serve, run one bag under cold water to soften considerably. When partially thawed, add to a pitcher. Do the same to the next ziplock but just enough to get the slushy chunks into the pitcher. Add the remaining cold bottle of Prosecco, stir and serve with a couple of whole strawberries for garnish!

Thanks to Lauren LeHew Carr for her comment which inspired the posting of this recipe!

“Thanks again for a wonderful provision day…we had fun even with all the rain! Everything was excellent! By chance can you give out that champagne slushee recipe? It was absolutely amazing and so refreshing! I totally understand if it’s top secret!! Thanks again and see you next week!”



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