About us

Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm was founded by Rose O’Dell King. Her experiences as a former sheep farmer, French Culinary Institute trained chef, certified Sommelier, and food and wine columnist, have all taught Rose that good food depends on good ingredients — and it is only the very best ingredients with the very best provenance that make the very best dishes.

Rose wanted healthy, good quality food for her family, produced in an honest, wholesome way that causes no harm. But when you trace many of today’s basic meal ingredients back to their source, and come to understand food production systems, then the compromises that are being made grow clear —  inhumane treatment of animals; routine use of antibiotics; decreasing breed diversity. And for what? Poor quality meat and bland flavor.

But Rose also discovered a small group of local farmers quietly dedicated to growing the choicest selection of fresh produce and heirloom vegetables. She wanted to celebrate these small producers and connect them to local buyers. So, she founded and became the first president of Slow Food Southwest Florida, a local chapter of the worldwide organization dedicated to good, clean and fair food (and why we’re still members of Slow Food today).

With local knowledge spreading, so did the desire for better food. With more flavor. Food that has been produced in harmony with nature, better for individuals, their community and the planet.

After searching for nearly a year, Rose found the picturesque acreage here in North Fort Myers, with sprawling grandfather oaks draped in spanish moss, the beautiful vistas and the now iconic lines of white fencing – it was here, on just over 100 acres that she knew she could raise the very best food. Organically, holistically, sustainably, humanely, and as close to nature as possible.

There’s been a lot of dreaming, a lot of planning, and of course a lot of hard work going on behind the white picket fencing to ensure Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm is the very best farm it can be.

Gary and Rose O’Dell King are founding trustees of Southwest Florida’s Wine and Food Fest - an organisation that has raised over $11 million for the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

Rose O'Dell King

Committed to providing you, and your family with the healthiest, most delicious, and highest quality beef, pork, poultry and pastured eggs you can buy.
'When I was a little girl there was a pretty white book that always seemed to be sitting on our kitchen table. Titled ‘An Epicurean Tour of the French Provinces’ by Samuel Chamberlain, it was filled with all the dreamy photographs of castles and cathedrals any child could ask for. I never really knew it was a recipe book. My father was a chef and did most of the cooking in our house. He never even looked at a cookbook as far as I could tell.
One wonders how a spoon or two of fresh cream or a dollop of sweet butter ever lost out to the super-sized, fat laden fast food meals of today. Some of my own friends squeal tableside at the decadence of truffle butter but never even think twice about ordering a Big Mac, large fries and a coke. Cooking classic French is still all about the flavor, the freshness and integrity of ingredients, and fine technique - concepts that are as alive today as they were in 1960.' - Rose O'Dell King