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Rosy Tomorrows write up

So great seeing this write-up about our farm! Look at those adorable Cupid Peppers. So yummy!

Market Day Wednesday, April 22

Available to buy: Organically produced, pastured eggs Freshly baked bread Organically grown produce: Fennel Famosa cabbage Purple cabbage Potted dill plants Green Magic broccoli Romanesco Broccoli Red Russian kale Toscano kale Collards Swiss chard Sauté mix Salad mix Nasturtium boxes Basil Garlic chives Rosemary Dill bunches Parsley bunches Potted basil Potted apple banana Tomato Mix - including Everglades, yellow pear, sungolds, garden peach, green grape, and black cherry Peppers Ground cherries Cilantro Lemon drops Calendula tea bunches Mexican Mint Marigold

Farm Focus: Mexican Mint Marigold

Mexican Mint Marigold, also known as Spanish tarragon, is one of the tasty herbs grown here at Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm. We love the hints of liquorish and anise this plant produces. The vibrant flowers are edible, and the leaves used as a flavor-filled alternative for tarragon. This delicious delight was found in the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala, and has been documented in Mexico for allegedly being used by the Aztecs in ceremonies involving Tlaloc, their rain god. We love that this plant is a perennial in south Florida, which means it grows year-round! It is used in French culinary dishes, and pairing well with poultry or fish, ...

Market Day Wednesday, April 8

Market Day this Wednesday, April 8th from 10am - 5pm.   Porterhouse Chops Are Back! We keep selling out of these but now the grilling season can continue in fine style with the return of our Porterhouse pork chops. These heritage breed chops will change the way you think about pork. Rich, meaty, healthy pork from our pasture-raised, Red Wattle hogs is like nothing else you’ve ever tasted. Read about how we raise them below. We’ll also have all the other pork cuts you’ve requested: organ meats, hams, picnics, butts, belly slabs, ribs, ground pork, and lard. Red Wattle Pork - by the whole, half, or quarter Our heritage breed pigs are ...

Market Day Wednesday, April 1st from 10am – 5pm.

Join us this week for Market Day this week where we’ll have our lemony and tongue tingling Spilanthes. We’ll also have our organically-raised pastured eggs and a vast array of our beautiful organically grown produce, pastured Red Wattle pork, and freshly baked bread. Available from 10am – 5pm.

Market Day Wednesday, March 18

Market Day this Wednesday, March 18th. Join us under the sprawling oaks for Market Day this week where we'll have our first batch of baby purplette onions with their delicious mild and savory tang. We'll also have more of our popular purple Graffiti Cauliflower, with it's distinctive sweet and nutty flavor. For your kitchen gardens, we’ll have dill plants that are ready to snip and use right now and our calendula flowers in pots. Their petals are perfect in green salads to add a splash of color and a light peppery taste. As always, we'll have our organic pastured eggs and a vast array of our beautiful organic produce, including spinach, kale, ...

Farm Focus: Nasturtium

The Power of Flowers They’re not just pretty - edible flowers pack a nutritional punch that’ll liven up up your sandwiches and salads and more. Nasturtium flowers have a mild peppery flavor with a slightly mustard-like aroma. Add the flowers to salads, after the vinaigrette, so as to preserve their beautiful color and shape. Treat the flavorful leaves like arugula and put them in salads, chop them into egg salad, and top them on pizza. Nasturtiums are extremely nutritious and contain vitamin C and iron. Here on the farm, we use the larger, more mature leaves as as a stand-in for grape leaves using them for “dolma,” the Turkish rice dish. The ...