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Baking with Lard

-introduction to organic lard from pastured pigs -Leaf lard or pure lard; uses for each -pie crust and pastry dough -cookies and other sweets -sauté secrets guests leave with 8 oz jar of lard and cookies. hands on class with step by step techniques

For the love of lard!

Our farm was featured in The News-Press! Read about lard and leaf lard at Rosy Tomorrows, why it's healthy for you, easier to use and less expensive than olive oil.  See how we make it!  Thanks to The News-Press reporter Annabelle Tometich for letting folks know about this fat we all thought was bad for us, but is actually one amazingly healthy fat.

3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Lard

Despite what misguided opinion and conglomerate “food” manufacturers have tried to drill into our heads over the last 80 years or so, lard is actually far more healthy than any of the test-tube alternatives on grocery store shelves. In fact, our ancestors have been eating it for hundreds and hundreds of years. This beautiful fat was yet another casualty of the early 20th-century shift from locally-grown, organic food to industrialized food production. In the early 1900s, the Proctor & Gamble company figured out they could extract oil from cottonseed. Though it went quickly rancid and was highly unstable, the hydrogenation process allowed the ...