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Charc week! 5 charcuterie plates you need to bite into in Fort Myers, Naples

We made the list! This is what the News Press had to say about our signature charcuterie board: Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm This is the charcuterie board all other charcuterie boards must bow down to. When the pate and salami come from the farm's organic, heritage-breed pigs; when the pickled eggs come from the farm's chickens; when the pickled peppers and okra come from the farm's gardens — it's enough to make me weep. And bow down in thanks for a local place that cares so deeply about what it serves.

Rosy hosts former Danger cook

Those seeking another taste of Danger Danger will soon have a chance. Denison, the restaurant's former head cook, will join the team at Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm in North Fort Myers for a special Friday night taco fest from 5-9 p.m. August 9. The dinner will feature a bevy of Denison’s hand-crafted tacos made from the farm’s home-grown produce, grass-fed beef and organically raised Red Wattle pork. Taco offerings will include mesquite-grilled beef heart tacos, chipotle grilled pork tacos with local pineapple salsa, carne asada tacos with homemade adobo sauce and salsa verde, and crispy pork-belly tacos with an avocado-cilantro crema ...

The Best Fort Myers Restaurants Named!

Best Fort Myers restaurants 2019: JLB picks the 27 best and brightest We are so thrilled to have been selected for this list by Jean LeBoeuf, the pseudonym used by local food lover and critic who dines at restaurants anonymously with meals paid for by The News-Press. We love what we here do so it’s extra special to be recognized for our work. There are great restaurants mentioned in the article and we are honored to be included in such illustrious company.This is what JLB has to say about the restaurants: “These 27 restaurants represent the best and brightest of this palm tree-lined town of ours. I limited it to restaurants in the greater ...

Farm to Plate: Behind the scenes of Hundred Acre Lunch

The Hundred Acre lunches at Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm have been featured by the News Press. Here’s what they had to say (or read the article on the News Press): By Anne Reed When visiting Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm, the farm to table proof is in the fields around the barn. (Photo: Andrew West/The News-Press) Story Highlights Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm hosts guests each Wednesday for the Hundred Acre Lunch. The menu for the farm to table lunch highlights beef, chicken, eggs and pork raised in pastures surrounding the barn. Produce is harvested the morning of the lunch and used in the entrees and salads. Morning ...

Farm to Fork: Yard Long Beans

Beans in summer in Southwest Florida? These aren't your typical green beans, which need cooler temperatures for success. Instead, they are purple yard long beans, specifically, the Thai Purple Podded Yard Long Bean. Vigorous, and thanks to Thailand, very heat tolerant, these beans come from the gardens at Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm. The pods can grow up to 20 inches long and are a gorgeous deep purple color with pale green tips. Unlike regular green beans, which can become limp and soft when exposed to high heat, yard long beans are perfect for stir-fries, able to withstand high heat and still retain their crispness. The flavor is mild, like a ...

On the move: Florida beef industry meets challenges

Florida might be known for its beaches, but our economic history doesn't start there. It starts with cattle, first brought to our shores by Juan Ponce de Leon in 1521. And while the cattle industry is still strong, with 4 million acres of pasture land and 1 million acres of grazed woodland, it's an industry that has undergone changes in perception and faces challenges in a changing market. Florida is mainly a cow-calf state: calves born here to be sent somewhere else for fattening and slaughter. Lee and Collier counties both have under one percent of the state's cow-calf operations, while Charlotte has 1.27 percent and Hendry has 3.8 percent, ...

Farm to Fork: Cabbage from Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm

We are super proud of our Head Gardener, Kelsey Costa talking to the The News-Press (Fort Myers, Fla.) about the three types of cabbage we grow organically here at the farm. So excited to have our beautiful produce featured! Thank you to Food and Dining Reporter, Anne Reed, for appreciating our cabbages!

Go go gadget!

We loved being a part of the entertaining story in today's Taste section of The News Press. They surveyed Southwest Florida chefs asking for their go-to gadgets, then asked all of us for selfies with our favorite kitchen gadget. There are some fun shots there!